Reynolds Blue Chip Growth Fund Summary Prospectus (110K pdf)

Reynolds Blue Chip Growth Fund Prospectus (344K pdf)

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Reynolds Blue Chip Growth Fund Purchase Application (201K pdf)

Reynolds Blue Chip Growth Fund Statement of Additional Information
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First American Treasury Obligations Fund Prospectus* (590K pdf)

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Reynolds Funds (the “Company”) is a no-load, open-end, diversified management investment company, better known as a mutual fund, registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “Act”). It was incorporated under the laws of Maryland on April 28, 1988. The Company consists of the Reynolds Blue Chip Growth Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund obtains its assets by continuously selling its shares to individual and institutional investors. Proceeds from such sales are invested in securities of other issuers. In this way, the Fund:

  • Combines the resources of many investors, with each individual investor having an interest in every one of the securities owned by the Fund;
  • Provides each individual investor with diversification by investing in the securities of many different issuers;
  • Reduces transaction costs by buying and selling larger blocks of securities; and
  • Furnishes professional portfolio management to select and watch over its investments. See “Management of the Fund” in the Prospectus for a discussion of the Fund's Adviser.

The Fund will redeem any of its outstanding shares on demand of the owner at its next determined net asset value. Registration of the Company under the Act does not involve supervision of the Company’s management or policies by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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